GHD SPORTS APK for Android Free Download to Watch live Cricket

The GHD sports apk is a fantastic application for watching sports matches, movies, and shows. The GHD app is created especially for those who are considering using a sports app that displays live sports videos with little buffering, uses little data, and costs nothing. This is the best application for watching entertainment videos, including news, movies, sports leagues, and much more. Live videos are available in all regional languages and international languages on GHD apk. The most watched live matches on this app include cricket, football, basketball, world wrestling, tennis, hockey, and so on. Indian, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and other Asian countries are passionate about cricket. There is a great deal of interest in Indian players throughout the world. Also, online betting statistics show a huge amount of traffic from India, especially during influential events like the IPL. Therefore, the best betting sites in India compete with each other to offer the best odds and bonuses to their bettors.

App NameGHD Sports
PublisherAPK GURU
Size11 MB
Latest Versionv9.1
Required4.4 +
MODCricket & Football
DeveloperGHD Sports
Updatea few seconds ago


What is GHD Sports Apk?

GHD Sports Apk takes into account all the possibilities and still provides its users with the best content. A number of issues have been identified somewhere that raise questions about the legality of the request on the other side.

As far as we know, our site does not recommend their use. This app does not appear to be supported by any information. It is our hope that the user guides provided will assist you in understanding the app better. For fun and entertainment, download the app now.

Dominate apps but not officially available on official app stores like Google App Store and other Android Play Stores. This sports app is smart, fast and easy to use.It has a high level of sports and entertainment media. It offers some of the most popular free space cricket and football games. But don’t worry, GHD Sports is a free and open source app with no subscription. You use it for free without limits.

There are many live TV channels available for users to cover live game changes, ICC T20 World Cup live streams and other entertainment like cartoons, dramas, documentaries, music channels, royal shows , to improve. . Smart entertainment programming with the following GHD games.

Live sports streaming with T20 World Cup, Soccer Match, ISL, IPL T20, Pro Kabaddi Live, Soccer World Cup, Kabaddi International, Indian Premier League Live 2022 and other free sports. This app is free and you don’t need to create an account to use it. You can also use Oreotv Apk to watch other cricket games

But when it comes to the legitimacy of the app, we don’t know 100% how it will deliver content to different broadcasters. Because it is not known, we do not recommend using the app. UnlockMyTV is the best fan channel in the world with many free HD movies and TV channels.

When GHD doesn’t work

GHD Sports may not work on your device, so there are two main causes: your internet connection and your internet service provider.

Please check your device’s internet connection first if GHD Sports does not work. You can try again by deleting your data from the GHD Sports app if your device has a good internet connection.

If the GHD Sports app is not already running on your device, you can use VPN. You can use the VPN app to block areas because GHD games have been blocked in some places due to government restrictions.

Adjust resolution in GHD

Also, you can adjust the video quality to suit your needs and watch your favorite content in HD, UHD and lower quality. You can follow mega sports events like the World Cup, FIFA, the Olympics and many more. Most of our Indian fans love to watch IPL so it will show you everything without any hindrance or limitation.

In addition, you can customize the subtitles in your language to understand the content in a foreign language. In addition to video content, it has thousands of radio stations in different languages ​​of the world.

It is also compatible with external video players like VLC and MX Player. So if you are not satisfied with the default player, you can use any external video player.

Users can track all live activities without limits

Like any movie streaming software, users always focus on video quality. With this app, you can enjoy all TV shows and games in various features ranging from 360p to 1080p and 4k. If a link doesn’t work, you can choose another one to enjoy your favorite game.

GHD Sports categorizes and manages all available content so you can quickly find your favorite channels. Today’s show, tomorrow’s show, highlights can be divided into different categories,

These are not all the features of GHD Sports Apk but there are some great things that make GHD games very popular. If you try this app yourself, I’m sure you’ll find other cool stuff from the GHD games mentioned above.

The Ghd sports app offers a wide range of live games at your fingertips. But be sure to be careful about using the ghd sports app due to their legitimate nature being made clear, they are not recommended within any of your means and neither by us. We kindly ask that you make your own decision when using the ghd app, and we do not force you to use it. But still, it is a great app with beautiful features.



It’s free to use friends. I have never met a person who does not value money. Save it here and spend it on the things you like the most.

Internet data

Consume little data to load the video. There is no waiting process required while watching the match or movie. All you need is a decent internet connection.

Battery consumption

Most of us care about the battery life of the app, but this app does not go overboard.

All in One

Provides all kinds of live content related to sports, movies, news, events and culture.


Most importantly, it gives you the joy of watching your favorite matches and movies live on your phone just like that.

No Internet

It looks like you don’t have an Internet connection. This app requires the internet to get the updated content. You can easily continue viewing your favorite articles offline.

GHD Sports Features:

You have understood its main function. Now all the salient features are listed below. Check them out and estimate the value or importance of this app.

Live Channels: It has collected famous domestic and international sports channels in one place. Thus, you will not miss a local event of a sport.

Sports Updates: Similarly, it covers all the popular sporting events globally. Cricket, football, basketball, hockey, wrestling, etc. Whether it’s an IPL, ICC, PSL, BPL or World Cup match, enjoy it all at no cost.

Live TV: GHD Sports Apk tells you about upcoming matches. Therefore, you can stream them via live TV anywhere. However, if you are busy at the time, you can also watch it later.

Live Score Updates – If you’re not watching a match, get your current score. All the statistics related to a particular match keep you on top of the situations.

Support multiple languages: It has many different languages ​​except English. Hindi, Tamil, Malay, Bengali and other regional languages ​​engage the maximum number of people.

Watch Offline: When you don’t have time to watch the highlights of a game, save it to watch later. You can also save your data and time.

Easy to use: In fact, it is an application with a simple user interface. Everything is well classified in different genres. You can quickly find the desired content.

Watch live news: Multiple news channels and live TV bring you more happiness. Select what you want to watch according to your mood.

No Ads, Free App – There are no subscription fees to take advantage of their services. Also, no more hassle from unnecessary ads.

COVID-19 updates: The global corona update, the COVID visualizer, etc. inform you about the current pandemic.

Live Now – This feature consists of live updates of the current ongoing matches and also the upcoming events of the day. Provides match details including opponent, time and league.

Scores: Provides the live score updates for cricket and football. It lists player ratings, Board ratings, and many other stats related to players and their respective teams.

Clean UI: Easy UI and simple navigation to find ideal live sports matches. Work seamlessly across networks (3G, 4G, Wi-Fi) and with a very low buffering percentage.

Multiple Languages: This app features multiple languages. You can watch the videos of your wish in your local language.

Currency converter: Although it is an additional feature, it is worth using this option. Convert dollars to rupees and vice versa. And also all other currencies of the country are interchangeable.


You cannot find a ghd sports app on the play store or any other similar type of app as a service provider. As stated, we do not recommend that you download the file. It totally depends on your choice. In this case, we are only acting as content creators, and the download button below directs you to get the file. It simply gives you the instructions to find the file. To simply find your world of entertainment.

Hello friends, you can download and install an updated version 5.6 of ghd sports apk ready on your Android mobile device.


Let’s do it directly by following the written instructions and in the image below.

  1. First, go to settings -> tap Apps -> Find Unknown Sources option -> and then turn it on.
  2. Now head over to the download folder and tap on the apk file to install.
  3. After that, follow the default instructions displayed on the screen to install the app.
  4. Once you have completed the installation, click open to enter your live world.
  5. Everything is ready. Now go find your favorite content.



This is the most fabulous application; You can watch your favorite live sports matches and popular videos on the GHD SPORTS app right from the comfort of your iOS device. Produces a high-quality video experience for users without buffering issues. We are going to share with you the easy procedure of downloading and installing GHD SPORTS on iPhone or iPad.


You can watch live cricket and football matches, TV shows and more videos in excellent quality without spending a dime. There are some requirements needed for this app. The main requirements would be to have an Android emulator on your PC or laptop. You will follow the steps to download and install GHD SPORTS on Windows and Mac.


It’s a glorious way to watch your favorite live sports matches, TV shows and episodes on a big TV screen. By connecting GHD SPORTS on Firestick, you will be ready to watch all the cricket and football leagues and TV shows from around the world on your TV screen with better sound quality and high quality visuals. Using GHD SPORTS TV on Firestick. **Coming soon**



you can watch live cricket and football sports matches on your device using this GHD SPORTS app. It provided some options that you need to understand before using this live sports app. You can directly search for your favorite live sports videos using the search tool.

GHD SPORTS offers different categories like Live Cricket, Live Football, Score and more options. Click on your favorite category to see your ideal sports matches and popular videos. Provided different links depending on the quality you want.


Do I have to pay to watch cricket and football and TV shows on GHD SPORTS?

No, you don’t need to pay a single money to watch your beloved sports live on GHD Sports app.

Can I watch live sports on the GHD Sports app?

A lot, whether you prefer live cricket and football, TV shows, episodes and more. You’ll never have a problem finding something to see.

What is the quality of the GHD Sports app?

It is very important to note that the link you choose depends on your network connection and the spirit of your Internet service. The user can select between 360p, 480p or 720p.

Is the GHD Sports app safe?

Folks, these GHD Sports are safe to use and malware free.

It is available for Windows | Mac desktop devices?

Yes, it is available for Windows 10/7/8 | Mac OS X, but to run it on your PC or Lappy, you’ll need an Android emulator and follow some instructions.

Do you have ideas for the iOS app (iPhone or iPad)?

NO… But it’s developing soon..


Know how well the app performs based on these metrics. This rating is based on the overall efficiency of the ghd sports app. It is rated on a scale of 1 to 10.Ghd sports apk has remarkable features to keep you entertained. All you need to do is go through the app and find what you like to watch and share your joy, entertainment and laughter with friends and family.

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