IPL 2020 will probably go behind closed doors

IPL 2020 will probably go behind closed doors; Could be a “Television only” event, says BCCI official

The Indian Premier League is the richest cricket league in the world and generates a significant amount for the Indian economy each year. The thirteenth edition of the tournament is scheduled to start on March 29. But, before the defending champions of the Mumbai Indians begin their campaign against Chennai Super Kings that day at Wankhede, there is much speculation about the tournament.

IPL 2020 and Coronavirus

Coronavirus and its spread has been the topic of conversation for the city in recent times and has created a worldwide medical emergency. Many countries are restricting mass public gatherings like any sporting event. Now, as the Government of India has stepped in to take the necessary steps to ensure that the virus does not spread, there is a threat to how the league will be played this year.
The Cricket Control Board in India (BCCI) recently revealed that the ongoing ODI series between India and South Africa will be played behind closed doors. The news came after the Indian government’s health ministry issued a notice. The announcement was intended to stop any sporting event that allows viewers to enjoy a massive gathering.

“We want players and fans to be safe”: BCCI official

“We want the players and the fans to be safe and we will take every precaution to continue the league smoothly,” the official said. In addition to all this, the state governments of Maharastra and Karnataka have reflected on the organization of the IPL parties in Mumbai and Bangalore, respectively.

If the IPL is finally done behind closed doors, it could be a huge loss for BCCI. With no ticket sales and only TV broadcast, sponsors could also make a U-turn in the league. In that situation, BCCI would be far from earning the $ 11 billion that it was supposed to earn during the 2020 edition of IPL.

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