Motera Stadium to IPL 2020 final

IPL 2020 final will be most likely played in that stadium having 1,10,000 seating capacity

The 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League is only four months away, as fans can’t wait for another exciting cricket carnival season. The cricket universe announces IPL as the best T20 league on the planet, not only for the players who play in the tournament, but also for the huge attendance figures generated by the IPL games.

To break all the records of a T20 match, BCCI plans to organize the IPL 2020 final at the Motera stadium in Ahmedabad. The stadium has a capacity of 1.10,000 and is almost ready to host a match. This will be the first time that the state of Gujarat will play as host of an IPL final.

During a Question and Answer session on Sports Tak, a fan asked a question about Ahmedabad Stadium. Responding to that question, presenter Vikrant Gupta said: “Let me tell you one thing, the end of the next IPL season will be played in Ahmedabad. Although we don’t know the official dates of the match, the IPL 2020 final will probably be played in that stadium with a capacity for 1.10,000 seats. ”

IPL 2020 Schedule

BCCI has not yet announced the schedule for IPL 2020, however, fans may assume that they would have planned to keep the final in that place due to their high income generating capacity. Since cricket has been followed as a religion in India, the cricket universe can expect Ahmedabad to break the record of the world’s busiest T20 match if it receives the final of the IPL 2020

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