Ramiz Raja opens up on his duties as PCB Chairman

Ramiz Raja opens up on his duties as PCB Chairman

Former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja has recently been appointed Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). After assuming the most important role for Pakistan, he has opened up about the challenges he will face with cricket in Pakistan. Pakistan Cricket Board Election Commissioner Judge (Retired) Sheikh Azmat Saeed has called a special meeting involving the Board of Governors to be held on September 13.

The meeting that will take place on Monday morning (September 13) in Lahore will formally elect the 36th President of the PCB. Similarly, former Pakistani cricketer and Prime Minister Imran Khan nominated a chartered accountant, Asad Ali Khan, and Ramiz Raja for three years while taking possession of their powers under clause 12 (1) of the constitution of the PCB.

“Life has changed a bit since my last tweet. From bowling bouncers to facing bouncers but with your support and blessings I am confident to win the day inshallah [God willing],” tweeted Raja.

Raja has already accepted the offer to take over as PCB president and will be officially appointed after formal elections to be held on September 13. Speaking about Raja’s position as president of PCB, there have been various opinions about it. Some have even stated that Raja shares a great bond with Indian officials and has many friends in India and this will help improve the relationship between the two countries in the context of cricket.

Raja’s appointment as PCB chairman could revive the India-Pakistan bilateral series, some said. Pakistan’s great cricketer Shahid Afridi also opened up about Raja taking over, adding that he is a capable person. Afridi also pointed out that Pakistan is very talented, it just needs to be groomed.

“PCB Chairman should be a capable person as Ramiz Raja is but the main decision for him will be to take on people who have sincere intentions for this country and PCB, and are good quality professionals – Only such people can run an institution like PCB where capable people are appointed based on merit. With such people in place, the PCB will rise to greater heights. We have a lot of talent but it needs to be groomed,” said Afridi while speaking to Press earlier.

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